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Iced in Diamond Light by the Angels

Angelic Kisses® has Candles, Malas, Jewelry, Angel Wing Kimonos, and more Angelic Gifts made by Angel Oracle/Best-selling author Zaneta Ra.  Each candle is handmade and blessed with love.  We use clean ingredients such as Coconut Soy Wax, pure Beeswax, Essential Oils and organic dried flowers.  Our candles have a slow burn without all that soot.  All of our candles exclude cancer-causing ingredients and are 100% phthalate-free. All Malas are designed and made by Zaneta Ra with a prayer said after each bead is placed onto the Silk thread. Each of the unique Angel Wing and Bee Kimonos are channeled art with deep Spiritual meanings to help wrap you in the Light of your Spirit and Wings of the Angels. 

Cleopatra's Crown Candle


 All our candles are free of artificial fragrances, additives, toxins, phthalates, petroleum, paraffin, parabens, sulfates, led, synthetic fragrances and cruelty.  Our candles do NOT have carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins or acute toxins. 

144 Angel Wing Kimono


The 144 Seraphim design is who you are. 

As you bring this code into your Aura, it helps emit the sacred 144 Seraphim Rays around you. When you wear the Kimonos, it wraps you in the very wings of your wholeness. You are an angel, a Pearl Angel of Divine. Your essence is the Mighty Rainbow.

As you expand your heart, you start to shift through all 144 Rays of Light. It is when you have all 144 Rays that they emit from the back of your Heart Chakra as tiny hairs of light rays. These are your very wings. Before you ascend, you must learn to FLY (First Love Yourself).

Angel Affirmation Cards


Give the gift of Love, Enlightenment, & Grace with Zaneta Ra's Angel Affirmation Cards. These cards are airy to remind you to be Gentle with yourself. They are round like a Pearl to remind you how Beautiful you are. They emit all 144 Angel Rays of Divine, which emanates through you. 

The Angel Wing design was channeled by Zaneta Ra via the 144 Seraphim to emit the pure energy of Divine, which is seeded in your heart. These wings are to surround you with love. It is time to step into your sovereignty. No longer fighting the "grit". Remember, it is when the oyster stops fighting the grit that it becomes a pearl. You are a beautiful pearl...see this light within.

Draped Rose 2.png


The Shekhinah Rose design came to me in a dream. I saw a pink crystal heart of an Angel breathe into a rose. I then saw light rays of ribbons emit out and pearls bloom from it. This represents the Divine Feminine essence of ALL Creation. Each rose is your own wholeness that descends its sparks of light out into creation. It is from this descent that your wholeness gains wisdom (pearl). A pearl starts as grit within the oyster. The oyster fights this grit until one day it no longer tries to fight/suppress it. It is in that moment that the grit becomes a pearl. Who you are in Spirit is a plasma pearl, laced in 144 rainbow ribbons of The Almighty. However, to see thy Spirit, one must start with LOVE. In the heart, the very essence of Divine Nurturing, is where your Christ Seed hides. When you love and honor yourself (Holy Temple), it rains light onto this Seed. It will then become a Rose, a sacred Rose within the Pearl Garden of Creation.

Angelip Lip Balm


Zaneta Ra is the creator and inventor of our famous Organic Angelip® Lip Balm.  Made with only 3 ingredients, no added scents, or dyes.  Did you know that scents added to lip balms can actually irritate and make your lips drier?  You can wear Angelip® Lip Balm with the confidence that it is all natural and organic. **DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO NUTS per made with Organic Sweet Almond Oil**

Egyptian Kimono Robe


The Egyptian design is about the Key of Life and its connection to the Rose. The sacred Egyptian Ankh represents the human body. As each Chakra expands and activates, it becomes a rose. When the 8th Chakra expands it becomes a radiant rose chalice that is fed the light Spirit. This is the Divine Honey we call the Christos represented by the Gold Rose. The Blue Rose signifies the blue flame of the Shekhinah. The Shekhinah is the Sapphire Flame under the throne of Divine that all Christ Seeds (sapphires) are birthed. These sacred sapphire seeds are Immortal Illuminated Souls divinely designed to come anchor this Christos light by way of the Rose Grail path.

Chakra Candle


We created an energy infused Chakra Candle in white beeswax to help align your energy centers. Using this candle during meditation will help deep energy balls surface. These are buried emotions from past events. When we clear our energy centers it is like cleaning the air vents in our home. The flow of energy can not pass through them without meeting resistance which causes body pains.

Pearl Angel Mala


This Mala helps connect you with the Pearl Angels. These Angels work for Divine Mother along the 144 Pearlescent Rays of Creation. These rays create the energy known today as "Shekhinah" and "Sophia". Made with 3 stones that represent the Triad of your Light Spark-Soul-Spirit. 

Angel Aure Fire & Ice hold the vibration of the Angels/Celestial. Aquamarine holds the Divine Goddess energy. While Morganite holds the vibration of Divine Love, that which all of creation is birthed from. See your wholeness in this Mala.


I am an Oracle of the 144 Seraphim and master of the Pearl Code teachings. I have worked with the 144 since I was a child. I was taken by the Seraphim one day to Divine God Source and given the Pearl Code teachings. Part of my Divine Directive was to be the scribe of the Pearl Books and Teachings. My Divine mission is to bring forth these sacred teachings at this now node in time. Gods organic Divine will for mankind is the formation of an altruistic collective consciousness, this is a pearl.

Marga in Sanskrit refers to the path that leads to spiritual awakening. Marga in ancient Greek means "PEARL". The Pearl Teachings were taught by our ancestors prior to the times of antiquity, and that 12,000-year cycle (book) of it being covered up is now closed. The return of the Shekhinah has come, the white dragons that guard the blue egg is us, the 144 Seraphim. The Breath of Life is the Holy Sapphire Flame, the Shekhinah, which is Wisdom of The Intellect. The Zera (seeds) of this egg are you, the Partzufim are the Soul Sparks of The Intellect sent to pollinate the Earthly Garden.

I have walked up to strangers providing Divine messages which helped them heal. It is not until you heal can light enter your heart and expand your wings. It is in that moment of accepting whom you are does transformation ignite. Just like when the oyster stops fighting the grit, it becomes a beautiful Pearl. This is who you are in your wholeness. You are a beautiful fiery sphere of light laced in the 144 rainbow ribbons of Creation. Find your core. Feel your wings. See your light.

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