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Iced in Diamond Light by the Angels

Angelic Kisses® has candles and more made by Angel Oracle Zaneta Ra.  Each candle is handmade and blessed with love.  We use clean ingredients such as Coconut Soy Wax, pure Beeswax, Essential Oils and organic dried flowers.  Our candles have a slow burn without all that soot.  All of our candles exclude cancer-causing ingredients and are 100% phthalate-free.  

Cleopatra's Crown Candle


 All our candles are free of artificial fragrances, additives, toxins, phthalates, petroleum, paraffin, parabens, sulfates, led, synthetic fragrances and cruelty.  Our candles do NOT have carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins or acute toxins. 

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Did you know that beeswax/coconut wax burns cleaner, slower, and brighter.  Beeswax helps to cleanse your air by releasing negative ions that attach to positively-charged particles like dust, bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants.  These ions help to neutralize the pollutant causing it to fall to the floor and no longer floating in the air around you.  Since our candles are clean, you will notice a softer scent throw.

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Zaneta Ra makes her candles intuitively by hand.  Angelic tones are sang during the duration of this candle making process.  After each candle is made, they are surrounded by high vibrational crystals then blessed daily during their 14-day curation process.  Prior to shipping, Zaneta Ra cleanses and blesses each product with Organic California White Sage and Ethnically Sourced Holy Palo Santo sticks from Peru.

Angelip Lip Balm


Zaneta Ra is the creator and inventor of our famous Organic Angelip® Lip Balm.  Made with only 3 ingredients, no added scents, or dyes.  Did you know that scents added to lip balms can actually irritate and make your lips drier?  You can wear Angelip® Lip Balm with the confidence that it is all natural and organic. **DO NOT USE IF ALLERGIC TO NUTS per made with Organic Sweet Almond Oil**

Cleo 5.png


We created a line of products dedicated to Cleopatra.  Best known as the Queen of the Nile, yet few know that she wrote many books that were part of the great Library of Alexandera (kept hidden from the public of today).  It is because of this, her scent has key notes of Leather, Jasmine, Amber, Sandalwood, and Patchouli.  Tune into your Queen and Goddess aspect with this Egyptian Scent.  You can even meditate with her candle to tap into your past Egyptian lifetimes. 

Chakra Candle


We created an energy infused Chakra Candle in white beeswax to help align your energy centers. Using this candle during meditation will help deep energy balls surface. These are buried emotions from past events. When we clear our energy centers it is like cleaning the air vents in our home. The flow of energy can not pass through them without meeting resistance which causes body pains.

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Welcoming our new line of Angelic Kisses Malas.  We only use AAA gemstone that are hand knotted by Zaneta on pure natural Silk.  Divine came to Zaneta with instructions for an Ascension Mala that is designed to activate your Angelic DNA and help guide you into the Solar Gateway.  Most will be adorned with hand dyed Sari Silk Tassels. Learn more in our Mala blog. 


I am an Oracle of the 144 Seraphim and master of the Pearl Code teachings. I have worked with the 144 since I was a child. I was taken by the Seraphim one day to Divine Source and given the Pearl Code teachings. Part of my Divine Directive was to be the scribe of the Pearl Books. My Divine mission is to bring forth these sacred teachings at this now node in time. 

Marga in Sanskrit refers to the path that leads to spiritual awakening. Marga in ancient Greek means "PEARL". The Pearl Teachings were taught by our ancestors prior to the times of antiquity, and that 12,000-year cycle (book) of it being covered up is now closed. 

I have walked up to strangers providing Divine messages which helped them heal. It is not until you heal can light enter your heart and expand your wings. It is in that moment of accepting whom you are does transformation ignite. Just like when the oyster stops fighting the grit, it becomes a beautiful Pearl. This is who you are in your wholeness. You are a beautiful fiery sphere of light laced in the 144 rainbow ribbons of Creation. See your beauty. 

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