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Candle Talk

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

As an Angel Oracle I have been able to see into energy fields the average person cannot. I have walked up to strangers all my life to deliver messages from the Angels, mostly in relation to their health. Sometimes when I am walking in a store, lights flicker on the body of someone I pass by. It is like driving down a dark road at night and all of a sudden you see headlights. This is a signal from Divine for me to walk up to them and intuitively deliver a message of what I see.

When I was asked by the Angels to write The Ascension Symptoms Manual

book, they taught me a ton about DNA. I learned how many toxicants the average human encounters daily. One of the commonly used household items that stood out to me was CANDLES.

Some of the most well-known candle companies use Paraffin Wax, or what they label as “Premium Grade Paraffin Wax”. This stems from Petroleum, Coal, or even Oil Shale. What this means in simple terms is that when you burn these (heavily scented) Candles, you are burning Fossil Fuels inside of your home. This emits chemicals known as BTEX into your air, which make their way inside of your body.

BTEX is:

Benzene=Carcinogenic (Cancer Causing)

Toluene=Irritate the Eyes, Lungs, and Central Nervous System

Ethylbenzene=Carcinogenic (Cancer Causing)

Xylene= Irritate the Eyes, Lungs, and Central Nervous System

What is important to note here is that these chemicals can affect your Nervous System, Reproductive System, Organs (especially Kidneys and Liver) and more. Long term exposure can even cause Leukemia.

What I found interesting here is that these chemicals affect the blood, to be more specific, the bone marrow. As taught in the Cracking the Chrysalis book, DNA starts to form in the bone marrow (mainly of the spine). This is where DNA is altered and affected. Another interesting thought here is the effect of the Reproductive Organs. Looking back over the last decade, I have noticed an increase in my clients having reproductive issues.

Another note when it comes to types of Wax used in Candles are the WAX BLEND Candles. They may say Soy Wax Blend, but what exactly is the Soy blended with? While Soy Wax does not have harmful toxicants, it could be blended with them.

More people are becoming aware of the harm when it comes to certain types of Fragrance ingredients. Most companies are allowed to hide about 4,000 different chemicals in their products under the one ingredient label of the word “Fragrance.” This is part of the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973, where it is required to list a product’s ingredients except for “Fragrance”. When it comes to which wax can hold the most amount of fragrance, the winner is Paraffin.

The most well-known of all toxicants is Phthalates. This also can cause damage to the Kidneys, Liver, and Reproductive System. They also can cause your body’s natural Hormone levels to become off-balance. Phthalates can cause:

· Autism

· Type-2-Diabetes

· Cancer

· Asthma

· Cardiovascular Disease

· Breast Cancer

Which also happens to be on the rise over the past decade as well.

Clean waxes such as Coconut or High-Quality Soy burn cleaner with little to no dark soot. Beeswax and Coconut Wax Candles have a much brighter flame.

When it comes to Angelic Kisses Candles you will also NOT find any of these top Hazard Groups:

· Carcinogens

· Reproductive Toxins

· Organ Toxins

· Acute Toxins (Toxins that cause adverse effects from a single exposure)

· Mutagens (Changes the DNA of a cell and harming it)

It is because of the harmful effects of Candles that we wanted to create Clean Candles that are also infused with pure love. We call them “Iced with Angelic Kisses” because I see Angels as pure Diamond/Pearlescent light. We work as one to infuse and bless them. When they work through me to bless them, diamond light flows from my hands. This light softly “kisses” them to help align the energy, so, when you light them, it helps you EMIT YOUR LIGHT.

When you look at our Candles, we want you to SEE YOUR LIGHT. Vison yourself lighting the spark within your heart as you light our Candles. Then take a slow, deep breath into your Heart and allow your own flame to expand. YOU ARE THE LIGHT.

Information in this message was intuitively channeled and guided by the 144 Seraphim via Angel 144 Oracle Zaneta Ra.

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Apr 16, 2023

I love your candles— they are the only ones I will use in my home. Even the dogs and the cat feel the light magic!

Zaneta Ra
Zaneta Ra
Apr 16, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much! My cats feel it too. I love how bright the flame is and how there is no nasty black soot from them. Let’s you physically see it’s not packed with harmful toxic garage.

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