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Angelic Kimonos

Expand your wings and Emit your light.

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Our Story

I created a line of activating Kimonos, Scarves, and Bags to help emit your Soul Spark into a Christos Flame. With the help of the 144 Seraphim, I channeled designs that are kissed by the Angels with pearlescent light to help pollinate your Christ Seed. Each design holds a specific vibration to help you expand your wings. The materials and colors you wear effect your Aura. It is only when your Aura maintains balance can your transformation occur. All of these items are handmade, and I personally bless each item with the pearlescent light of the Angels. These Kimonos are designed to wrap your Aura in a pearlescent chrysalis. Awaken the divinity within and emit pearls of love in every step you take.

You are an Angel.

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Power of Silk

We use natural silk because it helps to deflect negative energy that is either trying to enter your field or is already in it. It is because of this power that it helps replenish positively charged photons within your Aura. Silk does this by preserving your natural Biofield which keeps your Vibrations High. Silk has been revered by Royalty and Priestesses for over 5,000 years because of this. Silk Fibre interacts with your energy field to create a magical musical note to benefit your Aura. It holds this Silky Shield of Luminous Light to protect you from negative energies. It even 3 times stronger than Kevlar (bulletproof vests). Silk itself holds 97% of luminous proteins that is beneficial for your Skin. It has many natural benefits and unlike other fabrics Silk does not pull moisture from the skin. Take time to research the long-standing healing properties of Silk! Silk is the best material for Creativity, Meditation, and is the Emblem of Transformation. Just like the Butterfly. Allow this garment to protect you like the butterfly in the cocoon so you can expand your wings and fly high!

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